Walrus Audio Julianna Stereo Analog Chorus & Vibrato Pedal

New control and connectivity expansions on the original Julia pedal

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Product Description

The Walrus Audio Julianna builds on the exquisite sound of the Julia chorus and vibrato with a host of connectivity options and innovative improvements. New features include stereo sound, expression pedal compatibility and a variety of ramp, LFO shape and division functions to push your playing into untapped creative directions.


You're getting the same core sound as the Julia V2 with the Julianna - a glorious analogue effect adding movement and luscious intensity to your tone. The Julianna is flexible to your needs, sounding incredibly rich, live and warbly.

Along with the standard rate and depth dials, the Julianna includes a handful of unique parameters to set it apart from the rest. Select sine or triangle waves for a smoother or more abrupt effect. Also new to the Julianna is a random mode, which hops between the two on a whim.

Ship your tone out to sea with the lag control. This alters the centre delay time, putting the effect under more tension as it rocks back and forth. And finally, the d-c-v dry-to-wet blend determines where the Julianna sits on the chorus/vibrato scale. Positioning it towards chorus, you'll get a thicker aligned effect, while more manic tones erupt as it's pushed into vibrato.

Tap Division, tap tempo and ramp

Added to the Julianna is a note division switch to flick between the diverse sounds of quarter note, quarter note triplet or eighth note multipliers. Tap tempo gives you full control over these delay divisions, letting you align the effect to the tempo of your playing. Use the drift function to ramp up or slow down the LFO rate at a moment's notice. 

Expression pedal compatibility

The Julianna is capable of expression pedal input. Set two point in your tonal spectrum (this works best when they sound dramatically different) and hear how the parameters shift as you press on your expression pedal.

Stereo and Switching

Stereo sound is an awesome addition for a chorus/vibrato effect. It creates a sprawling, engulfing sound which works incredible in a live setting.

First introduced in the Julia V2 and carried over here are soft pedal switching capabilities - no more loud clicks as you turn the pedal on/off - and momentary activation by pressing and releasing the bypass. The fresh artwork looks killer, too!

Key Features

  • Stereo version of award winning JULIA with new expanded feature set
  • “Lag” sets the voicing of the Chorus effect (from smooth/tight modulation to warbling detune)
  • “Lag” controls center delay time that the LFO effect modulates from
  • Selectable LFO wave-shape: sine, triangle & random shape
  • “d-c-v” knob to blend between dry, chorus and vibrato sounds (dry-wet-ratio)
  • Tap Tempo control with tap switch or external tap
  • Tap division with quarter note, quarter note triplet or eighth note multiplier
  • Secondary LFO Speed (ramp up/down via momentary)
  • Drift Function gently speeds up and slows down the LFO rate
  • Expression pedal control for Depth, Rate or both
  • Soft switch relay bypassing
  • “Smart bypass switching” temporarily activates effect
  • Works well on bass guitar
  • Made in Oklahoma, USA