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Sonor Vintage Series Drums

The Vintage Series is part of Sonor’s commitment to recapture exactly what made their classic drum kits so great.

Sonor Vintage Series Drums

The range introduces the swagger, style and sound of old-school vintage sets to current day drummers. They’ve delved deep into their own history, exploring the finer details of their ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s drums to produce contemporary updates which are every bit as good as their predecessors.

Each element of the Vintage series reflects the features found on the authentic kits of Sonor’s storied past. However, every part has been subjected to modern improvements and design techniques to ensure that they meet the demands of the discerning percussionist.

Rounded bearing edges (a feature of the shells made from premium, 100% beechwood) help to project a deep, powerful low end with a nice warm tone and excellent resonance. This has been paired with OSM (optimal shell measurement) and CLTF (cross lamination tension free) construction – leading to simpler tuning and enhanced sustain. Teardrop lugs faithfully recreate the shape of the originals; the only change comes in the form of an in-built TuneSafe system which prevents the de-tuning of each drum.  

A selection of seriously stunning, eye-catching finishes adds a final visual touch. They guarantee that this range looks just as good as it sounds!