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Fender Vintage Modified Amps

Like the Fender Vintage Reissue series, the Vintage Modified range revives and presents a bunch of their classic amplifiers to a whole new generation of musicians!

Fender Vintage Modified Amps

Fender have made sure modern improvements were implemented to make these amps more appropriate for current day players. The most noteworthy is the refined tone circuits. This results in far quicker overdrive and a reduction in negative feedback – meaning greater tonal versatility with pedals.

The range includes a number of different models, each with their own unique qualities. Super Champ amps are almost hybrids. They utilise digital modelling tech and 6V6 power amp valves to recreate 16 timeless sounds from Fender’s past, ranging from the Blackface to Tweed. This is achieved through dead easy voicing switches. An extensive 15 built-in effects, plus USB speaker-emulated outputs mean these amps are brilliant for sessions in the studio.

Other notable variations that make up the collection are mainly ’68 Custom amps. The Vibrolux Reverb, Deluxe Reverb, Twin Reverb and the Princeton all offer well rounded, warm sound. That’s because each is fitted with superb Celestion speakers. A ‘Silverface’ finish (a reference to their metal front panelling) completes a smart looking overall aesthetic.