Valve Amps

We’ve got loads of gorgeous Valve Amps that’ll take your guitar tone to new heights here at Andertons Music Co.

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1 - 24 of 412

Valve Amps

The humble valve amp pretty much defined the sound of guitar music from the '50s onwards. These amps give the warmest and truest guitar tone that players around the world still love today. There’s an air of magic surrounding a valve amp that’s had its valves on for a couple of hours - it just sounds incredible!

Valve amps can give you a fantastic sparkly clean sound as well as naturally go into overdrive to give you that saturated distortion sound that everyone loves. Valve amps are also sometimes known as Tube Amps and can be very powerful and in-turn very loud. We stock a huge variety of valve amps that range from 1w to 100w, including offerings from the likes of Fender, Victory, Orange, Morgan and many more - you’ll definitely find the amp you're after!

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Valve Amp FAQs

Why are valve amps so loud?

Valve amps are louder than most solid state amps because of compression. They squeeze a lot more sonic content into a narrower frequency range than any other type of amp. Not only are you getting a louder end result, but a more detailed tone too.

How long do the valves last in a valve amp?

Tubes wear out depending on how long and how hot they are used. If you're playing at home at quiet to moderate volume levels, they could easily last 10 years. If you're gigging at high volumes every other week, you might need to have them changed and the amp re-biased every year. Power amp valves require changing more frequently than preamps.

Are valve amps the best type of amp?

Valve amps are generally considered the pinnacle of guitar tone because of the compression and finer details in the sound. When matched with a speaker cabinet, they provide an “in-the-room” air push you cannot get from their modelling amp counterparts. Although modelling amps have come a long way, many guitarists tend to record with valve amps for best results.

Can you gig with a 5 watt valve amp?

You can gig with a five watt tube amplifier if you're happy with lots of gain in your tone. When tubes are pushed hard, they begin to saturate. You will not be able to get a clean tone if you are competing with an acoustic drum kit in a small gigging situation. If that's not a concern, then you're good to go.