Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 8 ohm Compact Reactive Load Box, Attenuator, Cab Sim and IR Loader

Loadbox and cab sim masters Two Notes unveil their most powerful Captor unit yet!

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Product Description

Cab sim wizards Two Notes present the Captor X - the most powerful load box, tube amp attenuator, miked cab simulator, stereo expander and all round go-to gadget in the range yet. The Captor X is a vital tool in your arsenal in both live and recording settings, as it expands your performance possibilities and provides new, crisp tones to your guitar sound.


Playing through a 100W tube amp head is an incredible feeling, but one few of us get to experience. The Captor X lets you capture all that saturated goodness at volumes that won't have you blowing out the windows. Choose between three general volume levels: home, club and stadium and then tweak to using the level control. With the latest Captor X, you can now hear the same quality through your headphones thanks to an aux in.

Cab sim and IR loader

Variety is the spice of life. The Captor X provides you with 32 pre-loaded cabinets and 521 memory slots for custom IRs, letting you experiment with your sound either live or when laying down tracks. That means no more heavy cab lifting and inconsistent tone on stage! Tinkering with the perfect recording tone has never been as fruitful. Take your pick from eight mics per cabinet with fully adjustable positioning and eight room simulations. Switch between six of your favourite presets on the fly.

Mono to Stereo

This is where the major changes lie for your live setup. The Captor X's Dual Mono routing converts mono to stereo using an automatic Twin Tracker technology. Your mono amp sound is routed to the left output and Twin Tracker creates another virtual guitarist track on the right channel in real-time. The slight differences in timing and attack mean you couldn't tell the difference between this and the real stereo thing!

Torpedo app, Voicing and Space

Adding X factor to your tone has never been easier. Load up the Torpedo Wireless app for a plethora of customisation options and easy mic placement. The enhancer control is a combination of dynamic and tone shaping tools tailored to your instrument. Thickness and brilliance emphasise the low end and high end of the tone, respectively. Body will render your tone fuller and more present. 

The voicing control found on the Captor X is an all-encompassing tone setting for fast, pristine sound adjustments. Changes depend on the cab and mic you've selected. Next to it is the Space dial, which widens the stereo effect when using the XLR DI or headphone outputs.


  • 100W RMS Compact Reactive Load Box.
  • Available in 8 Ohm and 16 Ohm versions.
  • Tube Amp Attenuator: Home (-38dB), Club (-20dB), Stadium (0db).
  • Torpedo IR-based technology creating Dual-miked Virtual Cabinets.
  • Dual IR Loader: 512 memory slots for custom IR files.
  • Loaded with 32 Virtual Cabinets, 128 preset locations.
  • Instantly select your favorite preset direct on the hardware (PRESET).
  • Choose from 8 microphones per cabinet and 8 room simulations.
  • Torpedo Remote for effortless control of all parameters e.g. position of mics.
  • XLR DI Outputs (3 routing options: Stereo, Dual Mono, Dry / Wet).
  • Silent playing with Immersive Headphone Experience.
  • Stereo Reverb including SPACE control on hardware.
  • EQ: Semi-parametric in Torpedo Remote, VOICING hardware control.
  • Twin Tracker virtual guitarist.
  • Enhancer with Body, Brilliance and Thickness controls.
  • Noise gate with learn function.
  • Dual Mono: Send dedicated signals to FOH and monitors with different EQ & Reverb.
  • Dry / Wet: Send Cab Sim to audio interface from one output and dry on the other.
  • Two notes Wall of Sound plugin included for processing of dry recordings.
  • Audition 300+ Virtual Cabinets via the Torpedo Remote online library.
  • Rugged, metal case: road ready and portable.
  • USB Torpedo Remote (Windows and macOS) connectivity.
  • MIDI Torpedo Remote connectivity
  • Wireless (Phone / Tablet) Torpedo Remote connectivity (Android and iOS).