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Guitar Tuners & Metronomes

Owning a tuner and a metronome is essential if you're an aspiring musician. They're arguably the two most important pieces of gear required for playing and practicing electric, acoustic or bass guitar.

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Guitar Tuners & Metronomes


What’s the first thing you do when you pick up your guitar or bass? Hopefully, you make sure it’s in tune! A good guitar tuner will always ensure that your tuning is in check, and here at Andertons Music Co. we stock a variety of different tuners.  .

The Boss TU-3 guitar tuner pedal is the industry standard, a chromatic tuner that allows you to tune to all 12 notes in the chromatic scale. But the popular TC Electronic Polytune pedals are very innovative and ergonomic, using a polyphonic system that allows you to strum your guitar with the pedal intelligently identifying which notes are out of tune.

Clip-on tuners are also very useful, easily fitting in cases or gig bags. Attaching to the headstock of your instrument, clip-on tuners pick up the vibrations through the guitar neck to sense the tuning stability of each string. The Peterson Stroboclip HD is one of the most accurate available; a strobe tuner that is amazingly precise.

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As a practice tool, nothing beats a metronome. Providing a consistent beat in the form of a bleep or percussion sample, metronomes allow you to rehearse songs or particular sections to improve your timing. With the ability to adjust their time signature or BPM, you can learn something slow and build up speed to develop muscle memory.

Korg, Roland and Boss manufacture excellent digital tuners, offering the essential functionality and portability you’d expect from a modern metronome.