Triple Points On Everything (Limited Times Only)

A few times a year, the Andertons crew goes a little bit mad and we offer Triple Loyalty Points on everything!

3 points for every £1 spent   ✔

  • 1 point is worth a penny - 1000 points means £30 off!

No extra sign up forms   ✔

  • Points are automatically added every time you buy

Online & In-Store   ✔

  • Earn and use points however you choose to shop

For limited periods in the year, you’ll be able to earn 3x the amount of loyalty points that you normally would. This means that you can get huge discounts on your next purchase(s) at Andertons Music Co!

Just remember, points = £££’s

How do Triple Loyalty Points work?

You normally get 1 point for every £1 spent. As the name suggests, with triple loyalty points you get 3x points for every £1 spent. 1 point is worth a penny, so with triple loyalty points, 1000 points = £30 off!

Example: If you buy an item for £300, you’ll earn £3.00 back in points. But when our triple points promotion is on, that becomes £9!

Is there a time limit on spending Andertons Loyalty Points?

If you're worried about building up loads of loyalty points and losing them, the great news is that you’ve got 3 years to spend them! So, if you want to save up and use them at a later stage, you can simply leave the points in your account and apply them the next time you shop at Andertons Music Co.

For more information on our loyalty points scheme, click here!

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Recently Viewed Items