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Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitars

The TransAcoustic line is an interesting cornerstone of Yamaha’s acoustic catalogue, with these particular guitars featuring cutting-edge electronics for the forward-thinking player.

Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitars

Yamaha TransAcoustic guitars feature specialised piezo pickups that can produce lush chorus and reverb effects; employing a clever system. By transmitting vibrations from the strings to an actuator at the back of the guitars, these are then transferred through their bodies and the air around it, creating genuine reverb and chorus effects inside the instruments and amplifying them naturally.

But if you're more interested in their unaffected tones, the TransAcoustic instruments feature Solid Spruce tops to ensure a vibrant top-end, with either Mahogany or Rosewood backs and sides (depending on the specific model) that produce warm or crisp sounds respectively.

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