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Tourtech has become the go-to brand for providing affordable, high-quality accessories to musicians. However, their new electronic drum kit offerings bring that bang-for-your-buck ethos to aspiring drummers.

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Tourtech Drum Kits

The Perfect Introduction to Drumming

For a lot of drummers, owning a full acoustic drum kit isn’t feasible due to their volume and size. Electronic drum kits, on the other hand, offer players practical and home-friendly alternatives to louder and more cumbersome acoustic setups.

Tourtech electronic drum kits are perfect for beginners that are looking for a great introduction to the world of drumming. With 4 models available, these affordable electric drum kits represent incredible value-for-money. Starting from as little as £199, they feature all of the essential components that you would expect from a full and functional drum setup.

But if that isn’t enough, we also offer a number of Tourtech drum kit bundles that include multiple accessories to get you started! Coming with a pair of sticks, a drum throne and headphones, these all-encompassing Tourtech bundles are even more ideal for drummers that want everything they need from the get-go.

If you’re looking for a Tourtech electronic drum kit review, Rob and Dan from our drum department demonstrate all four models in the video below. Breaking down their features and showing off their sounds, get the full lowdown now!

Tourtech Drum Kits on Andertons T.V.

Tourtech Drum Kits Official Demo

Tourtech Electronic Drum Kit Features

All 4 models offered by Tourtech are space-saving, well-made and packed full of features that will make learning and practice engaging for you. Not only that, but they also sound great! In this next section, we take a close look at the amazing features that these versatile kits share.

Responsive Pads

Tourtech kits sport responsive and expressive pads, which accurately pick up the nuances in your playing to make sure that your beats sound dynamic and human. So if you’re a player that likes to add some spice and articulation to your patterns, these pads will pick up ghost notes no problem!

With the flagship TT-22M kit including realistic-feeling mesh heads, these provide you with the playing experience and stick bounce that you would expect from a real acoustic kit. If you want something closer to the real thing, it’s a fantastic option.

Ergonomic Modules

These kits are not just about how great they feel to play. That’s because Tourtech has also ensured that their kit’s sound modules are filled to the brim with ergonomic features and technology.

Boasting multiple presets, you can flick between different drum kit sounds that’ll suit a number of styles, from jazz to metal! Unlike an acoustic kit, with electronic kits like these you aren’t limited to just one sound, but can instead find the right voice for a particular song and even create your own user-defined drum presets!

With USB and MIDI ports for PC connectivity, these modules also sport aux-ins for streaming music through the kit from an MP3 player, smartphone or laptop. This lets you jam and practice to your favourite songs, making you feel like a bonafide rock star! These modules also come with 20 demo tracks that can let you improvise freely, to help you develop your own signature style.

Tourtech Electronic Drum Kit Range

It’s clear that Tourtech electronic drum kits share some great features. However, the more expensive models boast some extra refinements, bringing them more in line with kits that are even double their prices!

In this next section, we’re going to breakdown the features of each model to make it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect one for your demands.

The Tourtech TT-12S electronic drum kit may be the baby of the range, but it still packs a punch! Despite its unbelievably compact size, this kit still has the vital elements that you’d see on a full-sized kit. With a snare drum and 3 toms, this model also sports 2 cymbal pads, a hi-hat and 2 pedals for operating the kick and controlling the hi-hat’s position.

Although all of the pads are rubber, they still offer a realistic feel that acoustic players would feel at home with. Built around a rack system, the Tourtech TT-12S is super-easy to setup and take down, making it easy for transporting to rehearsal sessions.

The Tourtech TT-12SM is a step up from the TT-12S, most notably featuring a Dual-Zone mesh snare. This gives a far more natural feel, allowing you to practice rudiments and play buzz rolls with a bouncier and near-genuine stick response.

The kick drum pedal also has a beater attachment and pad, giving your foot the feedback you’d receive from hitting a real bass drum. This lets you feel far more involved with the kit when playing.

The Tourtech TT-22M electronic drum kit is the company's flagship model. Boasting the same module functionality as the TT-16S (now discontinued), the TT-22M module has a slightly more streamlined interface that makes navigation even easier.

What sets the TT-22M apart, however, is its all-mesh heads. With these, even seasoned acoustic players will enjoy its near-genuine feel, with the enlarged snare pad offering an even more familiar impression and aesthetic.

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