Ibanez Talman Series Guitars

The Talman represents a departure from Ibanez's clean-cut precision instruments, offering something a little more retro-inspired!

Ibanez Talman Series Guitars

The Talman was first introduced by Ibanez in 1994, and had a four-year run as an electric solid-body. After the discontinuation in 1998, there was a dry-spell before they were reintroduced as acoustic & electro-acoustic models. Kevin "Noodles" Wasseman, guitarist in Offspring, also famously had a run of signature Talman models, playing it almost exclusively both live and in the studio. The rarity of the electric version, aside from the Noodles signature model, earned the Talman a cult following.  

In 2015, the Talman was reintroduced as part of their new electric guitar lineup, and in the years that followed, it experienced something of a renaissance. Trends saw a shift towards guitars with vintage undertones; curvy bodies, low/mid-output pickups and simple controls offered the indie/alt-rock crowd the raw, untainted sound that they'd been looking for. 

With its offset body, 25.5" neck, and alder and maple as the primary tonewoods of choice, the Talman offers a brilliant twang reminiscent of the heyday of rock 'n' roll. Singlecoil pickups further accentuate the bright, snappy tone that the Talman is known for; polish it off with a series of striking yet timeless finishes, and you've got a brilliant alternative to the masses that'll stand out from the crowd! 

Ibanez Talman Series Guitars FAQs

What is the Ibanez Talman Series?

The Talman Series consists of bass, acoustic and electric guitars with an eye-catching offset body. First introduced in 1994, it was discontinued four years later, before a number of re-releases and redesigns in the 2000s saw Ibanez settle on the current design.

Does Gibson own Ibanez?

No, Gibson does not own Ibanez.

Is the Ibanez Talman a good guitar?

Yes. Its offset design is complimented by either a maple or alder body and each instrument delivers a classic twang that harks back to the glory days of rock. This is accentuated thanks to the incorporation of single coil pickups, leading to a bright and snappy tone.