Synergy Amps

Synergy are all about pushing the boundaries of modern tube tone. Whether you prefer the feel of a classic air-pushing amp and cab or the utility of a direct-in preamp, Synergy are here to provide it.

Synergy Amps

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is a key message for Synergy. The idea behind their renowned preamp module concept is the marriage of tonal flexibility with the authenticity of classic valve amps. 

Synergy work with closely with a number of legendary amp designers to create their preamp modules. Some are even made by the originators themselves! These are essentially tone pods, housing the core sound of amps such as the Friedman BE-100, Diezel VH4, Morgan AC, the classic Plexi and plenty more. 

From there, it's about your personal use of an amp. You can choose to house it in a classic amp head and cabinet combo for the full 'in-the-room' experience. Alternatively, Synergy make desktop and rackmount hardware great for plugging direct into front of house for live gigs, or into an audio interface for recording situations.

Get ready for the most versatile, greatest sounding guitar setup you've ever heard.