Squier Jaguar Guitars & Basses

The Jaguar is one of Fender’s most popular offset guitar designs. Synonymous with alternative rock; affordable versions of these slinky-sounding, single-coil equipped instruments are made by Squier.

Squier Jaguar Guitars & Basses

Squier represents the inexpensive and more accessible side of the Fender brand. Producing officially-licensed Fender designs, Squier guitars are made to the exact same measurements as their parent company’s models. And ultimately, Squier instruments offer that genuine Fender feel and tone for just a fraction of the price.

Squier Vintage Modified Series Jaguars

Squier guitars are not all simply for beginners. That’s because their more expensive models can be suitable for even well-seasoned players, especially those that are looking for exceptional value-for-money. For example, the Vintage Modified series Jaguars come fitted with Duncan-designed pickups for superior tone, and retain the versatile electronics that you’d expect on their full-fat Fender counterparts.

Squier Classic Vibe Series Jaguars

Jaguars from Squier’s Classic Vibe series hearken back to Fender’s ‘70s models. With old-school finishes and specifications, fans of classic Fenders will adore their time-honoured features. Fitted with a set of Fender-designed alnico pickups and classy block inlays, these guitars really look the part.