Boutique pedals made in the cold climate of Montreal, Canada, combining the essence of vintage warmth and modern day clarity.


SolidGoldFX could have quite happily made Fuzz Face clones over and over, but the Canadian electronics wizards wanted to push the tonal boundaries much further than that. The results are evident in their incredible line-up of fuzzy filters, modulated delay, quad flanger, phaser and vinyl engines. They want to give you as many options as possible, blending eccentric effects and innovative controls - all the while retaining their crisp vintage core.

Whatever wacky sound you can think of, you'll find in the SolidGoldFX range. Time-based effects on offer include the Electroman MkII, Counter Current and Surf Rider. All three are double pedals with extended settings to tweak and new and exciting sounds to get stuck into.

The SolidGoldFX experts are still in touch with their fuzzy side, producing a complete array of various fuzz voicings in the Spanish Castle, Sasori, 'If 6 Was 9', 76, Communication Breakdown, Lysis and Rosie. Each has a unique twist on the classic tone, some with an added octave effect, modulation and dual settings.

Also available are a number of bass overdrive and preamps, as well as a few more unusual effects such as an envelope filter and vinyl engine chorus and vibrato mix.