Sheeran By Lowden Acoustic Guitars

The No.1 chart-topping artist has conquered almost all there is to achieve in the world of music. Now he's bringing out his own range of acoustics with the help of Lowden Guitars.

A Sheeran & Lowden Collaboration

Superstar musician Ed Sheeran has teamed up with Irish guitar luthier George Lowden to build his own exclusive range of acoustic guitars! These super accessible instruments are the perfect choice for everyone following in the footsteps of the award-winning singer/songwriter.

Sheeran by Lowden offers aspiring guitarists a unique design played by Ed Sheeran himself on the road, at home and at his huge live shows. The acoustics deliver brilliant tonality and are constructed using sleek, sustainable woods.

Ed and George are in pursuit of the perfect acoustic guitar for young and determined musicians. The respective designer and singer have set up a brand new factory to specifically make the two new bodyshapes and eight individual models - all with their own appealing sounds. 

You don’t have to be a massive Ed Sheeran fan to play one of these beautiful acoustics. They're the perfect guitars to encourage practice, progression and your own unique creative direction.

The small body Sheeran S sounds gloriously rich with a deep pool of tones, all thanks to Lowden's exquisite build quality. Based on the successful S Lowden, the S series is a luxuriously-crafted acoustic with an array of solid top and body woods at your disposal.

There’s also the option of full body or cutaway models, all equipped with a one-piece mahogany necks, ebony fretboard and bridge, and classy seven-piece rosette outlining the soundhole. The bevelled soundbox design provides the S shape line with a deep smooth voicing.

Three models also come ready to be plugged in for amp or PA system action. The S02, S03 and S04 utilise the outstanding LR Baggs Element undersaddle pickup for crystal clear sound through speakers for those larger gigs.

The S01 takes a stripped back, pick up and play approach without a pickup, strap buttons or soundbox bevel. Instead it focuses on crisp accentuated tone for the laid-back jammer.

About Ed Sheeran

With a career spanning three hit albums, 100 million single sales, four Grammys and an MBE, Ed Sheeran knows a good guitar when sees one.

The 28-year-old met George Lowden when Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody suggested Ed should see him about a new guitar. Sheeran had previously used Lightbody’s Lowden Bushmills all over the album ‘X’ released in 2014.

George Lowden developed a one-of-a-kind small body guitar for Ed, of which he uses to this day. Now it’s known as ‘the Wee Lowden’, one of the two shapes in the Sheeran By Lowden line-up.

Based on the first guitar Lowden made for Ed Sheeran, the Wee Lowden is a parlour size acoustic that doesn’t compromise on tone, despite its smaller shape.

A great option if you like travelling with a guitar in hand or picking it up to play whenever you walk by. But that doesn’t mean it can’t perform on the big stages. Like the S shape, three models come with the LR Baggs pickup and soundbox bevel, with one created in a more basic form. 

The Wee Lowden produces crystal clear note articulation - the exact reason why small acoustic shapes like this have been used to accompany vocals since the 19th century. It provides enough upper frequency harmonics to carve its way into a mix, with the bright tones weaving their way in among the vocals.

Specs include spruce or cedar tops combined with either Santos rosewood or figured walnut bodies. All woods are sourced from naturally felled trees and have been replaced planting new seeds.

About Lowden Guitars

Lowden guitars are a boutique company dedicated to making the very best acoustic and electric guitars possible. Founded by George Lowden, his guitar building journey began at the early age of 10 when he crafted his first acoustic. 

Rather than copying pre-existing designs, he planned and sculpted new bodyshapes from the ground up. As a result, his instruments deliver unique and distinctive sounds put to good use by professional musicians across the globe.

Lowden have been successfully manufacturing guitars for four decades, mastering the art of ‘curvy’ style soundboxes and pioneering new internal bracing methods.    

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