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Roland TD-50 Electronic Drums

Roland TD-50 Electronic Drums

The ultimate electronic drum kit experience, courtesy of Roland’s industry-leading V-Drums range. 

When it comes to Roland’s V-Drums range, the TD-50 is at the top of the food chain. It simultaneously offers unprecedented control, pinch-yourself authentic sound and highly responsive playability quite unlike anything else on the market.

With a revamped module (or ‘brain’), the TD-50 is the most versatile, technically proficient kit Roland have ever produced. This is largely thanks to their Prismatic Sound Modelling, which provides a truly articulate sound that responds to every nuance of your playing. In addition, you can easily load your own samples via SD card, connect to your DAW via USB, or record up to 10 channels of audio directly – this makes accurate multi-track recording easier than ever before. Hardware-wise, multi-element sensors, 3-layer mesh heads and high-resolution digital connections ensure that not a single beat or expression is missed!

All in all, the TD-50 is built to be a wholly professional electronic drum experience. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact us – in the meantime, you’ll find our full TD-50 selection below.