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Orange Rockerverb Amps

The flagship line of Orange amps. These all-tube high-end heads and combos will blow you away with incredible tone.

Orange Rockerverb Amps

Legendary British amp company Orange present you with the Rockerverb series – a range delivering pro quality sound at high wattages. 

Used by headliners across the globe, the Rockerverb has been the go-to amp for rock, metal and indie players. Orange designed these amps to excel no matter the style or genre. 

The Rockerverb has been at the peak of amp design for the past decade. But Orange don’t rest on their laurels. These beasts are back with new, brighter clean channel circuits, even more headroom and the same crushing overdrive and saturation.

There’s even a valve-powered spring reverb for those classic, lush cleans to pop out of a mix or add ambience.

Choose between 50W and 100W models in combo or head variations. There’s an array of cabs to pick from to match the unique, gritty tones. Find them all here.

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