Ibanez RG Series Guitars

When you hear the name 'Ibanez', it's likely that one thing springs to mind: an RG.

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1 - 24 of 79

Ibanez RG Series Guitars

The flagship Ibanez model, the RG is among some of the most recognisable and legendary guitars of all time. Used by a huge variety of artists worldwide since its inception in 1987, it's widely considered to be the best-selling Superstrat-style guitar of all time. 

The RG has seen a number of major overhauls, with a massive variety of models in production over the years. Despite the number of variations, the instrument has remained the same at its core. It's become a cornerstone of the Ibanez approach, embodying their knack for precision, speed and punchy tonal response that's just as popular now and it was in the '80s.

Some of its key design appointments include:

  • Deep cutaways for easy high fret access
  • 24-frets, meaning a huge range for shredders and soloists
  • A flat fingerboard for a comfortable, ergonomic playing experience
  • An ultra-thin neck for speedy playability; this has become an Ibanez design staple
  • Many models, including the originals, boast Ibanez Edge locking tremolo units

A number of different models and configurations exist under the RG umbrella. Some of the more popular models include the RGA, with an arched body shape, and the RG7/RG8 extended range models. Whether you're a beginner looking to expand into hard rock/metal, a professional touring guitarist with shred chops, or anything in between, you'll find something to suit your needs in the RG range! 

Ibanez RG Series Guitars FAQs

What is an Ibanez RG guitar?

The RG guitar is considered by many as Ibanez’s flagship model, and it’s arguably their most recognisable. A true modern classic, the Ibanez RG emerged in the late ‘80s and is distinctive for its sharp and stealthy body shape that features deep cutaways for easy upper-fret access. Essentially a “Superstrat”, Ibanez RG guitars are adored for their thin, playable ‘Wizard’ necks and powerful pickups - making them synonymous with hard rock and metal players.

What does Ibanez RG stand for?

There is a lot of dispute over what the initials in ‘RG’ mean. However, it is now generally accepted to stand for “Roadstar Guitar”. The Ibanez Roadstar series was an instrument line discontinued just before the introduction of the RG model in 1987, which is why many believe that the RG series is its successor of sorts.

Who plays Ibanez RG guitars?

The Ibanez RG has been used by a raft of high-profile players over the years, with many contemporary guitarists continuing the legacy of this iconic high-performance guitar. Shred pioneers Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci were among the earliest proponents of the model, with modern masters Jake Bowen (Periphery) and Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth, Angra) boasting their very own signature Ibanez RG guitars.

Which Ibanez RG guitar is the best?

There is no definitive “best” Ibanez RG guitar, especially as hundreds of different iterations of this model have been released over the years. Many consider Ibanez’s Japanese-made ‘Prestige’ and ‘j.custom’ lines to encompass their finest production model RG guitars. However, more affordable RG models can be found with some exceptional features, notably those from the ‘Axion Label’ series which boast Fishman and Bare Knuckle pickups.