Ibanez Prestige Series Guitars

Prestige is Ibanez’s top production guitar line. Crafted in Japan using only the best luthiers, tonewoods, hardware and electronic available, these class-leading instruments are used by some of the most acclaimed professional players out there.

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1 - 24 of 34

Ibanez Prestige Series Guitars

With the exception of their LA Custom Shop and j.custom divisions, Prestige is the highest tier of Ibanez’s guitar manufacturing infrastructure. With many of their core instrument ranges featuring Prestige models, including the RG, S, AZ and Artcore series’, players with differing tastes can get their hands on some of the finest-made instruments that Ibanez has to offer.

The majority of Prestige guitars feature high-end aftermarket pickups, from brands such as DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan. Projecting incredible tones, Ibanez also ensure that their Prestige instruments are kitted out with the best hardware possible. Many RG and S series Prestige models fitted with their ultra-stable Edge I and II double-locking tremolo systems, and thus providing unhindered performance to the user is exactly what the Prestige series is about.

So if you’re after an instrument that boasts amazing build quality and unparalleled levels of playability, check out the diverse selection of Ibanez Prestige models at Andertons Music Co!


Ibanez Prestige Series Guitars FAQs

What is the Ibanez Prestige series?

Introduced in 1996, the Prestige series encompasses some of Ibanez’s best guitars and basses. The Prestige name is essentially a label for quality, and the unique logo is typically marked on the headstock of a Japanese-made Ibanez guitar. Indicative of exceptional craftsmanship, Ibanez Prestige models come equipped with high-quality hardware and often feature aftermarket pickups from the likes of DiMarzio, Fishman or Seymour Duncan.

Where are Ibanez Prestige guitars made?

All Ibanez Prestige series guitars and basses are constructed in Japan by highly-trained luthiers. This makes them among the finest quality production instruments built by Ibanez; typically crafted from exotic tonewoods and featuring professional hardware/electronic appointments for extra finesse.

Which models are in the Ibanez Prestige series?

The Prestige series comprises various core Ibanez guitar designs. This includes their flagship RG and S series shapes, as well as the newer AZ models and selected instruments from Ibanez’s hollow-body Artcore range and their bass lines.