Pearl Masterworks

In December 2017, we were named the Worldwide No.1 Pearl Masterworks Dealer. But what exactly is Pearl Masterworks, and what does it mean to be No. 1? Read on for the full lowdown on these exquisite kits & the process behind them!

What Is Pearl Masterworks?

Pearl have been making Masterworks kits for nearly two decades (since 1998), and the idea behind them is simple: to give you complete choice over the construction of your drum kit. This means that you control every detail, including shell materials and design, hardware choice and styling, endless finish options, and much more.

Your vision is realised by Pearl's masterful craftsmen in Japan, who painstakingly select and hand-build each element of your design - this truly is the pinnacle of drum artistry!

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Here's what our Drum Department Manager Rob says about Pearl Masterworks

“Masterworks is about personalising a kit to a drummer. It isn’t about picking dishes off a menu to make a meal. Rice,a main and a side or a snare, bass drum and some toms. It is about picking the ingredients to make each meal on the menu. Each drum needs different ingredients to make it special and then you have to tie each drum/meal on the menu together. Tailoring a kit to the drummer and picking every element that produces the final sound and look of the kit from the ground up. So, let's design your dream kit together.”

Sonic Select Recipes

As well as the full custom outfit options, Pearl have honed five elegant designs to perfection, known as the Sonic Select Recipes.

Two years were spent researching and testing these designs thoroughly, and the end results speak for themselves; truly distinct, fine-tuned drum kits full of character! The five designs are as follows:

  • Studio - The Studio will deliver pure midrange projection with good low end. With articulate clean tones, you'll be able to play vintage and modern styles. The shells will capture every nuance of your performance. Key features: 6-ply composite shells & Pearl Mastercast hoops.
  • Heritage - This combination has a classic midrange tone. A bright maple outer and a mahogany inner ensure rich bass with plenty of body. Subtle projection, exceptional sustain and great low end are the winners here! Key features: 4-ply composite shells, STL lugs and FatTone hoops.
  • Urban - The aim of the game here is high volume and punchy sound. The heads are deliberately designed to to have extra contact with the shells, and thanks to the heavy-duty Super Hoops and exquisite combination of woods, the Urban delivers a crisp, modern sound that's guaranteed to turn heads! Key features: 6-ply composite shells & STL medium tube lugs.
  • Stadium - Designed to sound as massive as possible, the Stadium Recipe employs a whopping 8-ply & 10-ply shell design and heavy-duty hardware to give you huge projection and tour-proof resilience. Key features: 2.3mm Super Hoop II, MasterCast hoops on the snare & 7 BRL lugs.
  • Modern Dry - Thinner shells and tonewood reinforcement rings ensure a more transparent but low-end-friendly tone with the Modern Dry design. Pearl have also employed MasterCast hoops all round for a little extra volume and sustain, giving this kit unparalleled versatility! Key features: STL lugs, inner 45-degree cut bearing edges, maple & mahogany shell combination.

Here's session player and Pearl drum supremo Sascha Waack demonstrating each of the Sonic Select Recipe Kits:

What being best in the world means...

We were recently crowned best Pearl Masterworks dealer in the world. Just like Pearl, we're committed to ensuring that you get everything you want out of your chosen drum kit, and we're willing to go the extra mile to help you do that! We have a team of dedicated, experienced and friendly staff in our Guildford store who share a collective wealth of drum knowledge - whatever your requirements, we'll aim to meet them!

We also happen to have the world's largest Masterworks stock - that means over £30,000 worth of exquisitely-crafted drum gear available to order and deliver! We offer up to 36 months 0% finance on our Masterworks kits, meaning you can get one from as little as £88 a month (with current stock as of writing).

Our drum team is headed up by Department Manager Rob Sparrow, who's championed the Masterworks ethos from the beginning, and was truly thrilled to receive this accolade from Pearl themselves.

Talk to our resident expert, Rob and he will tailor a design that suits you.

£30,000 worth of Pearl Masterworks In One Room!

If you ever wondered what £30,000 worth of Masterworks kits in the same room looked/sounded like, we've found the answer!

We recently had the privilege of setting up the 5 Sonic Select Recipe kits in one room with Sascha Waack - the results speak for themselves!

This is a selection of some of the current Masterworks range that we have in stock at our Guildford store. Our stock ranges from single snares to full-blown kits, and new items are added on a regular basis. If you have any questions about our current stock, please contact us - or better still, pop in and have a look for yourself!

Previous Masterworks Stock at Andertons Music Co.

We thought we'd share some of the Masterworks gear that we've had pass through our store in 2017 - have a look through at some of the incredible items we've been fortunate enough to help design and order!

How do I order a Pearl Masterworks kit?

Thinking of treating yourself to the best drumkit you'll ever own? Look no further than our comprehensive guide to ordering a Pearl Masterworks custom kit. Alternatively, if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!