Novation Peak Eight-Voice Polyphonic Desktop Synth Module

8 voice desktop polyphonic synthesiser with 3 Oxford Oscillators per voice

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Product Description

The Novation Peak is an eight-voice desktop polyphonic synthesizer that merges pure analogue tone and digital extended functionality in one innovative, beautifully crafted instrument.

Key Features 

  • Eight-voices (with three New Oxford Oscillators per voice)
  • 16-slot modulation matrix 
  • 16 direct assignments within the main controls 
  • Connect external gear via the CV modulation input or 5pin MIDI I/O
  • Integrated arpeggiator 
  • Built-in delay, reverb and chorus effects 
  • Combines analogue tones with digital functionality 
  • Three year warranty
  • Ableton Live Lite 9 included
  • Connect to your PC or Mac and use the Peak alongside Components - an intuitive piece of software letting you create and save custom patches

Digital & Analogue Together

The Peak's tone is produced from three New Oxford Oscillators for each voice. The oscillators sound completely analogue by being high-quality NCOs (Numerically-Controlled Oscillators), but they are combined with the flexibility of the digital domain using 17 digital wavetables. This gives the synth many more tonal possibilities than would be with a completely analogue system, however the synth's sound maintains that analogue tonal quality throughout.

The main oscillator section is joined by a resonant multi-mode analogue filter on each voice, and three distortion points in an analogue signal chain. So if you want that fully analogue feel, you can definitely get it. However, if you're ready for something new, you can create a linear FM source using either the analogue style NCO's or digital wavetables; offering you even more creative possibilities to explore.

Extensive Modulation System

The modulation system on the Peak puts a 16-slot modulation matrix and 16 direct assignments in the main controls, so that you can start to design deeper and more intricate patches to really transform your tones. Each voice has access to 3 ADSR envelopes and 2 LFO's and more modulation controls under the hood.

Everything is within easy access so that you're never just sitting there scratching your head, wondering how to get things linking up.

Live Performance Controls 

In terms of performance, Peak offers a full variety of features and connections so that it can be a dynamic instrument in the stage environment. You can hook up to your favourite gear, via a CV modulation input or 5pin Midi-IO. The Peak responds to polyphonic aftertouch, and two "Animate" buttons completely transform your patches in an instant so that you can really pack a punch onstage.

If there's no keyboard to hand, you can create fantastic loops using the on-board arpeggiator, and you also have built-in Reverb, delay and chorus effects to add depth to your patches.

Novation Components

Like Novation's circuit series, the Peak can connect to a Mac/PC and use a desktop app called Components. This software allows you to create and save unlimited patches for the Peak, and more features are being developed all the time.



  • 42 Control knobs
  • 8 35mm Sliders
  • 1 Volume knob
  • 2 Data encoders
  • Rubberised knob caps with spun metal discs
  • 30 Function buttons (not lit)
  • 16 Function buttons (lit)
  • 2 Animate buttons plus hold button
  • 90 Indicator LEDs
  • OLED display
  • Kensington Security Slot
  • Power switch
  • Power supply connector
  • USB B 2.0 / MIDI comms only (no bus-power)
  • MIDI In / Out / Thru
  • 2 1/4" jack socket for continuous or switched pedals
  • 3.5mm jack socket for CV in
  • 1/4" jack sockets for left and right outputs
  • 1/4" jack socket for headphone output

Synth engine

  • 8 voice polyphonic (voice modes available unison etc.)
  • Mono-Timbral
  • 5 Voice Modes - Mono, MonoLG, Mono2, Poly, Poly2
  • 3 oscillators
  • 1 noise generator
  • 1 ring modulator
  • 2 LFOs
  • 1 Amp envelope and 2 mod envelopes
  • 1 Filter
  • Sine, tri, sawtooth, square / pulse plus 17 wavetables of 5 waveforms per row


  • 1x State variable OTA filter per voice
  • 12/24dB slope
  • Low-pass / band-pass / high-pass
  • Pre-filter overdrive
  • Post-filter distortion


  • 16 modulation slots per patch
  • Each slot has 2 sources to 1 destination


  • Analogue distortion
  • Chorus - 3 types
  • Delay with 16 types of delay sync, LP and HP damping, slew and stereo
  • Reverb - 3 types