Multitrack Recorders

Multitrack Recorders

We’ve got a wide choice of Multitrack Recorders that’ll suit a number of different studio applications including fixed studio recorders or devices for recording on the fly.

Digital Multitrack Recorders in the modern age are very different to analogue multitrack recorders of old. It’s now easier than ever before to set up a recording studio on the fly and use one of these multitrack recorders as your main interface or the ‘brain’ of the operation.

Both Tascam and Zoom are famous for their portable studio solutions and these portastudios are powerful for use on the road or in hotel rooms, or quite frankly, anywhere you go!

Editing, recording and things like input gain can all be easily manipulated on the devices themselves and as such remove the need for a computer! However, most multitrack recorders can easily export the audio in a file that any computer can read which you can then use to edit the recordings or simply sit back and enjoy what you’ve created!

Check out our selection of Multitrack Recorders below and take advantage of our interest-free finance packages and free next day delivery in the UK on orders over £99!