Fishman Loudbox Acoustic Guitar Amps

Acoustic amps as good in the studio as they are live. Fishman are a brand constantly pushing boundaries for both electric and acoustic guitars with the Loudbox range.

Fishman Loudbox Acoustic Guitar Amps

Are you looking for a clean acoustic combo amplifier to use for recording, but still powerful enough to take on the road to your local open-mic night? If so, the Fishman Loudbox acoustic amp could be the answer you've been searching for.

Extremely easy to carry and transport, the Loudbox series is super light, weighing less than a mere 20 lbs. For musicians who perform regularly across many venues, the benefits of a lightweight amp are clear, especially when using public transport or going down tight stairwells into underground bars.

The range also features the Loudbox Mini which still packs a huge 60W of clear headroom for sparkly cleans are earthy rhythms. Available in rechargeable battery from, a great options when busking so you can charge up and go.

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