Looper Pedals

Looper pedals can open up a range of creative avenues for guitar players. As a live, practice & songwriting tool — a great guitar loop pedal can be invaluable. Shop our huge selection now!

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Looper Pedals

Although looper pedals can’t offer a cool new sound to add to your arsenal of effects, they are becoming a staple on many musician’s pedalboards for offering something more. A loop pedal lets you record a riff or chord sequence to create a "loop", which is played back repeatedly until you decide to stop that loop. A lot of loopers let you overdub too, which means that you can record on top of the first loop and form layered arrangements and soundscapes. This isn’t only amazing for live applications, but also for creating your own backing tracks to jam along to!

With loop pedals like the TC Electronic Ditto and Boss RC-1 available for those that want something simple and affordable, these companies also produce more sophisticated units that are designed for the true experimentalists! Plenty of other leading guitar pedal brands offer their own loop pedals too, such as Electro-Harmonix, Pigtronix and even Landlord FX.

With so much possible with these fun stompboxes, why not read our Ultimate Guide to Looper Pedals for some extra inspiration?

Looper Pedals FAQs

What is a looper pedal?

Looper pedals record your guitar while you play, playing it back to you as a loop. These loops can then be overdubbed with a second part that's added to the loop during its next cycle. It's great for layering, allowing you to apply solo parts on top of your riffs for instance.

Where does a looper go in a guitar signal chain?

The looper can go in a few different places. The most popular position is at the very end of your signal chain. This allows the looper to capture your exact current pedal setup in the loop. It won't react to changes made on your pedalboard either. Another option is to place it between certain effects. Having the looper embedded within your effects loop ensures you can trigger modulation, reverb etc and alter your entire sound.

Which loop pedal does Ed Sheeran use?

Ed Sheeran used a Boss RC-30 Looping Pedal during his live shows to flesh out his sound. However, as his gigs and his sound have got bigger, he's had to shift to a custom pedalboard known as 'The Chewie Monsta'. This is used as a controller to manipulate his off-stage rig.

What is the easiest looper pedal to use?

Some of the simplest looper pedals are made by leading brands including Boss and Electro Harmonix. Boss' RC-3 Loop Station features 3 hours of recording time and 99 built-in memories (letting you store your loops). Electro Harmonix' 360 Nano Looper boasts 6 minutes of looping time and an intuitive, user-friendly layout.