Korg DJ & Production Tools

Korg DJ & Production Tools

Take your DJ & EDM performances to the next level with Korg’s world-class selection of electronic music production hardware!

Japanese manufacturer Korg are known for their prolific and hugely diverse range of musical gear. Founded in 1962, they’re considered something of a household name in the industry. They’ve always been at the cutting-edge of technological development – an approach perfectly demonstrated by their range of electronic music & DJ hardware.

One of Korg’s most popular product ranges is the ground-breaking selection of Volca units. These handy little desktop modules sync easily with eachother as well as external hardware, making electronic music jams easier than ever before. Combined with Korg’s Electric and Kaoss ranges, you’ve got a great selection of gear that allows you to transform your performance or production.

We’re pleased to offer one of the best selections of Korg DJ & music production gear in the UK and Europe. If you’ve got any questions about the range, please feel free to get in touch – in the meantime, check out the selection below.