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Sequential Prophet-10 Desktop Module

Written by

Will Brook-Jones

The Prophet-10 Desktop Module shares the same intuitive set of front-panel controls and realistic vintage tones that are present on the Prophet-10 synth. However, thanks to a more compact design - with a far smaller footprint - the module will slot seamlessly into your studio setup.  

The original Prophet-5 was arguably the most popular synth that Sequential ever produced. This analog poly synth left a truly unique stamp on the face of music and technology; it was a timeless piece of instrumental design. Now the Prophet-5 has been reintroduced - in a 10-voice module format - for a modern-day audience. 

Old-School Architecture 

All three revisions found on the now legendary synth have been included: Rev1, Rev2 and Rev3. This has been made possible via genuine Curtis analog filters and VCOs, further bolstered via brand new 2140 low-pass filters (which were meticulously created by Dave Rossum). You can then swap between the contrasting filter designs using the dedicated 'Rev' switch. This use of genuine hardware offers a performance that mirrors that of the original.  

Sturdy Backbone 

It boasts MIDI, USB, Gate and CV ins/outs - offering a host of useful connectivity options. All of this is encased in a rustic-looking, sustainable walnut heartwood, providing a premium look that matches its premium sound and playability. The housing is has been finished using careful steel and hand-oiling techniques. 

The Vintage Knob & Poly Mod 

Part of the Prophet-5's initial intrigue was the almost random nature of the frequencies and response times of separate envelopes, filters, VCOs, and amplifiers from each voice. These were all sprinkled with a now instantly recognisable dynamic, warm and nuanced sound. As a result of this, Sequential decided to incorporate the 'Vintage Knob' in an effort to retain the very same character and feel. This knob can be used to select just how random you want your sounds to become. 

Poly Mod also played a part when it came to the Prophets sound - so once again, Sequential have incorporated it here. Your modulation sources come in the form of Oscillator B and Filter Envelope. The destinations are the likes of Oscillator A pulse width, Oscillator A frequency and low-pass filter. This all allows for a depth and breadth of sound creation that is almost mind-boggling. 

Shape & Program 

Moulding your ideal sound is made easy via simple programming functions. This is done through the knob-per function front panel - which offers a streamlined, hands-on layout for intuitive tonal crafting. With 200 rewritable programs (encompassing the same 1978 40-program suite which was used on a multitude of hit tracks and film soundtracks) and 200 permanent factory programs, there's plenty of scope here for serious creativity. 



  • Two authentic CEM 3340 VCOs per voice
  • Simultaneously selectable wave shapes. Oscillator A: sawtooth, pulse. Oscillator B: sawtooth, triangle, pulse.
  • Pulse width per oscillator
  • Hard sync: oscillator 1 syncs to oscillator 2
  • Low frequency mode (oscillator 2)


  • Oscillator 1 amount
  • Oscillator 2 amount
  • White noise amount

Low-Pass Filter 

  • Four-pole, resonant, low-pass filter per voice
  • Switchable between authentic versions of the Prophet-5 Rev1/2 filter and Prophet-5 Rev3 filter
  • Rev1/2 filter is a Dave Rossum-designed 2140, the modern counterpart of the original 2040 filter found in the Prophet-5 Rev1 and Rev2
  • Rev3 filter is a Doug Curtis-designed CEM 3320
  • Filter can be driven into self-oscillation with the Resonance control

Filter Envelope 

  • Four-stage (ADSR) envelope generator
  • Velocity modulation of envelope amount

Amplifier Envelope 

  • Four-stage (ADSR) envelope generator
  • Velocity modulation of envelope amount

Low Frequency Oscillator 

  • Three wave shapes: sawtooth, triangle, square. All waveshapes can be engaged simultaneously

Poly Mod 

  • Sources: filter envelope and oscillator B
  • Destinations: oscillator A frequency, oscillator A pulse width, filter cutoff

Vintage Knob

  • Recreates the characteristics of various Prophet-5 models by varying the behaviour of oscillators, envelopes, amplifiers, and other parameters. Go from a very stable “4” — as in Prophet-5 Rev4, (the new version) — all the way to “1,” as in Prophet-5 Rev1, the rarest and most temperamental of all Prophet-5s.

Patch Memory 

  • 200 user and 200 factory programs in 5 banks of 40 programs each
  • Direct program access, including Prophet 5-style single-button access to the current set of 8 programs


  • Mono output (1 x 1/4” phone jack)
  • Headphone output (stereo, 1/4” phone jack)
  • MIDI in, out, and thru ports
  • USB for bidirectional MIDI communication
  • Control voltage in/out (1 x 1/4” phone jack) 0- +5V input/output signal. Configured for 1-volt-per-octave operation.
  • Gate in/out (1 x 1/4” phone jack). Accepts a 1.5 to 15-volt on/off signal to gate the envelopes of a single voice on the Prophet-5. Outputs a 15-volt on/off used to gate the envelopes of an external synth.
  • Low-pass filter cutoff expression pedal input
  • Volume expression pedal input
  • Sustain footswitch input
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