Order Custom Guitar Pickups

Define your sound and style with custom pickups from the biggest brands in the world. Order yours with Andertons and our experts will guide you through every step of the way.

Why Would You Want Custom Pickups?

Are your stock guitar pickups just not cutting it? Do you want to shape your sound to further depths than ever before? Custom pickups are the best way to achieve the tone you’ve been chasing your whole musical life.

Customise pickups to suit any style or genre of music. Whatever you play, you can get one, two or three pickups made to measure. Get them in single coil, humbucker, P90 configurations or something different entirely. From classic PAF sounds to high-definition modern tones, tell us what you’re after and we’ll get on it.

What You Can Customise

Just like signature pickups made for famous guitarists, your set will be tinkered with in the same way until you are happy with the final outcome. There are so many tonal recipes to choose from – you don’t have to settle for anything other than perfection. We mainly work with legendary pickup manufacturer Seymour Duncan because we know they produce the best results. 

Alternatively, you can select an already existing pickup from the likes of EMG or DiMarzio and change the material, colour and pole pieces to match your instrument. From basses to eight string guitars, most brands will make tailor made pickups to your specifications.

Pick from a range of customisable options:

  • Type (humbucker, minibucker, single coil, P90)
  • Material (chrome, plastic)
  • Material colour
  • Covered/uncovered
  • Bobbin colour
  • Magnet type (alnico, ceramic)
  • Output level
  • Pole Screws
  • Leg Length for mounting (standard short, vintage long)
  • Hookup cable (single conductor, four conductor)

How to Order

Get in touch with us to start your order and we’ll guide you through every step of the way. Our on-hand experts can suggest the ideal type of pickup, the best combinations of magnets and coils for your preferred sound, as well as spacing and leg length for fitting.

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Recently Viewed Items