One of the first guitar brands we ever stocked at Andertons! Harmony have a glittering history making quality, unique and inspired electric guitars


Andertons and Harmony go way back - we brought the American manufacturers on as one of our first guitar brands in 1965 under the captaincy of Lee Andertons' father.

We have years of first-hand experience with the Californian luthiers and know the quality they bring to the table. Harmony date back to 1892, of course specialising in acoustic instruments of the time such as flat tops and banjos. Their move to electric guitars sparked a number of unique designs you simply won't find from the big guns of the guitars industry.

The Comet, Juno, Silhouette, Jupiter and Rebel form the core of the Standard Series. This mix of solid body and semi-hollow electrics are draped in classy vintage aesthetics and are made using high-end woods and electronics. 

You'll be pleased with the supreme construction, consisting of genuine mahogany bodies and necks and luxurious ebony fretboards. The builds are simple, yet effective – with little standing between you and your ability to make music. All Harmony guitars are equipped with custom gold foil pickups producing crisp, sweet and classic tones.