Guitar Straps

Often taken for granted, the humble guitar strap is a crucial element to your guitar playing experience!

Guitar Straps

A guitar strap isn’t exactly the most exciting piece of gear to shop for. However, as a guitar strap serves as the lifeline for your expensive, precious instrument, you will want to ensure that you are using one that is reliable, comfortable, and cool!

We offer a broad range of options to suit every need; leather straps, nylon straps, cotton and polyester straps, as well as plain designs, patterned, aged and so on. We also stock a selection of strap locks and other accessories to ensure that your guitar stays firmly in place! 

We're proud to stock some of the most popular guitar straps in the world from manufacturers such as Levy, Planet Waves, Stagg, Ernie Ball, Fender and Gibson, among others. If you're having trouble choosing, have a quick read through our guide to guitar straps - it'll point you in the right direction!

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