Octave Pedals

If you want to thicken up your riffs & solos with a hair-raising, pitch-stacked sound — octave pedals are the way to go! Shop our selection of these stellar stompboxes now.

Octave Pedals

Octave pedals work in a similar way to pitch shifters. However, instead of adding intervals like 3rds, 4ths or 5ths above/below the notes you play to create a harmonised effect — octave pedals will transpose your guitar’s signal up or down by an octave to give you a cool and somewhat synthetic sound. Octave stompboxes are therefore fantastic for imitating 12-string guitars and even basses!

Most octaver pedals will raise or lower your pitch by just a single octave, or even allow you to apply both for a “stacked” sound. More sophisticated units like the Electro Harmonix POG2 offer up to 2 octaves above and below — perfect for achieving layered, organ-like tones!

If you want to try an octave pedal without spending too much money, then the likes of Mooer, TC Electronic and Behringer produce great affordable options that are easy to use and “track” well — meaning that there is little to no latency. Some brands also make mini octave pedals that offer plenty of functionality without taking up too much pedalboard real-estate.

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Octave Pedal FAQs

What does an octave pedal do?

An octave pedal works by mixing your dry signal with other signals that sit one or more octaves above or below your initial one. Some even allow you to remove your original tone from the mix completely. They're ideal for thickening riffs or applying brightness to leads; you can even mirror the sound of a bass guitar if you want!

Where should octave pedals be placed in the signal chain?

An octave pedal is best placed after your tuner and volume pedal and before your overdrive. Positioning it here ensures the cleanest possible signal, allowing your playing to be reproduced clearly when you use the effect.

What is the best octave pedal?

Some of the best octave pedals come from leading brands like Boss and Mooer. The Boss OC-3 is regarded as the first polyphonic octave pedal. It lets you apply one or two octaves below your original signal and features integrated distortion. The Electro Harmonix POG-2 allows you to add two octaves below and above, fading them to your ideal level. With 8 user presets available, you can swap quickly between exciting, contrasting tones.