Electric Guitar Cabs

We’ve got a massive range of guitar cabs available for any application you can think of including practicing at home, playing live and in a recording studio.

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1 - 24 of 196

Electric Guitar Cabs

A guitar cabinet allows you to plug your valve or solid state guitar amplifier into it and transmit the audio signal coming from the amp in audible noise. The humble guitar cab is probably the most understated part of your guitar tone and is often overlooked but it can be the difference between good tone and great tone!

The size of the guitar cab and the speaker combination is also crucial in determining what your guitar will sound like on the other side. For example, a 1x10 cab will sound quite focused and boxy at times whilst a 4x12 cab will absolutely roar with power, low-end and ferocity. Both have their place but you just have to find the one that suits you. And luckily for you we stock all of the best guitar cabs in the business, including offerings from Fender, Marshall and Orange, among others. If you don't see the right one here for you, contact us and speak to one of our guitar experts to find the right thing for your rig!

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Guitar Cab FAQs

What are guitar cabs?

Guitar cabs are speakers placed within a wooden housing. They deliver an audio signal that's produced from either an amp head or speaker out combo.

Do you need a cab for an amp head?

Yes. At its most basic level, a cab is just an enclosure that houses your speakers; your head is the amplifier itself, so you need both elements for them to work properly.

How can I make my guitar cab sound better?

The main way to alter the sound of your cab is play around with air movement. Open back cabs cause air movement on both sides of the speakers. This improves projection, bass response and leads to a more well-rounded sound. Closed back cabs usually have a tighter tone, with a more precise speaker response.