Gibson Basses

Although Gibson is renowned particularly for its electric and acoustic guitar offerings, their basses are also worthy of recognition for their versatility and style.

Gibson Basses

Gibson has a number of bass guitar models, but the Thunderbird is arguably its most original and timeless design. With its sleek offset body shape and reversed 4-in-line headstock, the Gibson Thunderbird just oozes cool. Apart from its distinctive aesthetics though, the Thunderbird is also adored for its huge tones, with its all-Mahogany construction and high-output T-Bird pickups.

Gibson remain faithful to the iconic SG shape with their SG Bass model. Comprised of the classic Mahogany tonewoods that so many of Gibson's instruments are made from, the SG Bass is favoured mostly for its short and highly-manageable 30.5" scale length.

Mirroring the Les Paul Tribute Doublecut model, Gibson's Les Paul Junior Doublecut Bass has a retro vibe, nodding to the classic EB-0 made in the late ‘50s. Kitted out with modern hardware to suit contemporary bassists, this affordable instrument is available in some stunning worn finishes that old-school Gibson fans will strongly admire.