The Fender American Ultra Series!

Made for the most discerning of players, Fender’s American Ultra guitars and basses perfectly blend 21st Century innovation with timeless and trusted design

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Fender American Ultra Series

The American Ultra series encompasses Fender's most advanced, forward-thinking instruments to date. Designed for modern musicians seeking ultimate performance, precision and tone — these contemporary models go above and beyond those in previous top-of-the-range Fender series' without straying too far from their original, iconic formulas.

Fender are renowned for producing reliable workhorse instruments meant for the studio and the stage, and their American Ultra electric guitars and basses certainly validate this reputation. Offering unrivalled versatility with their flexible electronics and premium playability via their ergonomic construction tweaks — these Corona-crafted instruments are possibly the best ever made by the legendary brand!

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Key Features

  • Ultra Noiseless Pickups - Vintage-voiced and versatile Fender tones without the hum.
  • S-1 Switching - Access more pickup combinations for greater tonal flexibility (electric guitars only).
  • Active/Passive Electronics - Classic to modern sounds at the flick of a switch (bass guitars only).
  • 3-Band EQ - Treble, mid and bass boost/cut pots for sculpting the perfect tones (bass guitars only).
  • Modern "D" Neck Profiles - Contemporary and supportive shape for today's players.
  • Satin Finished Necks - Slippery and non-sticky for a fast feel.
  • Compound Radius Fingerboards - Optimal playability at all areas of the neck.
  • Rolled Fingerboard Edges - Exceptional playing comfort; no more sharp fret ends!
  • Medium Jumbo Frets - Modern size for a controllable feel and enhanced tone.
  • Tapered Neck Heels - Effortless and unhindered access to higher register.
  • Deluxe Locking Tuners - Superior tuning stability and easier string changes.
  • HiMass Bridges - Huge tones and long sustain (bass guitars only).
  • Anodized Pickguards - For a premium aesthetic (on selected models only).
  • Bone Nuts - Traditional, low-friction material offering great sustain.
  • Bi-Flex Truss Rods - Strong and extremely adjustable.
  • Tasteful New Finishes - Ultraburst, Texas Tea, Plasma Red Burst, Cobra Blue and Mocha Burst.

If you're interested in a Fender American Ultra guitar with a super-cool limited edition finish, a gold anodized pickguard and bundles of future collectable prestige — our beautiful FSR offerings will definitely whet your appetite!

Made in collaboration with Chicago Music Exchange and available at Andertons Music Co. exclusively in Europe, these stunning instruments also boast sleek Ebony fingerboards to complement their incredible colour-ways. Don't delay though, as we're sure these will sell out pretty fast!

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The Fender American Ultra Luxe range, introduced in early 2021, is essentially an expansion or sub-series of the main American Ultra lineup. It encompasses a robust selection of hot-rodded instruments that essentially take the American Ultra formula up by a further notch!

From Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo systems, to exceptionally-durable stainless steel frets, comfortable "Augmented D" neck profiles and even subtle aesthetic tweaks like matching/painted headstocks — Fender's American Ultra Luxe Strats and Teles are made for the most performance-hungry of guitar players who love some flair!

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The American Ultra Strat may look fairly conventional, but this hot-rodded guitar has plenty of upgrades under the hood! Fitted with new Ultra Noiseless pickups, a 2-Point Deluxe Synchronized tremolo and Deluxe Locking tuners, the Fender American Ultra Strat also sports a comfortable Modern "D" neck profile with a slippery Satin finish, compound radius fingerboard, medium jumbo frets and rolled fingerboard edges for superb playability.

Of course, Fender's classic tonewood combinations remain intact with the American Ultra Strat. Featuring either an Alder or Ash body depending on the finish, these timeless materials ensure tight and resonant tones and are perfect for hosting the versatile S/S/S or H/S/S pickup sets. Bolt-on Maple necks are installed as standard, with either Maple or Rosewood fingerboards available. However, a noteworthy update is the tapered neck heel, which allows easy access to the higher register.

One of the coolest features that the American Strat sports is an innovative Fender S-1 switch. Cleverly integrated into the volume knob, this switch unlocks even more pickup combinations for unrivalled tonal flexibility.

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Following in the spirit of its Stratocaster counterpart, the American Ultra Telecaster boasts a raft of thoughtful updates that bring it up to the standards of modern, performance-seeking guitarists. Delivering that distinctive twang, the new Ultra Noiseless Vintage pickups retain that classic Tele character yet eradicate the annoying hum that afflicts older single-coils.

Fender hasn’t reinvented the wheel when it comes to the American Ultra Tele’s tonewoods. With either an Alder or Ash body depending on the colour option, this guitar is paired with a bolt-on Modern “D”-shaped Maple neck that guarantees the signature Tele snap and a comfortable feel. Maple or Rosewood fingerboards are available, cut to a contemporary compound radius that ensures optimal playability at all areas of the neck. A recessed heel also allows you to reach the higher frets completely unhindered.

The iconic Telecaster control layout remains intact, with master volume and tone knobs giving you that familiar setup. However, the acclaimed S-1 switch opens up plenty of additional pickup combinations that make the American Ultra Tele an incredibly versatile workhorse.

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The offset, alternative all-star makes a welcome appearance in the Fender American Ultra series! Keeping its elegant ‘60s-derived styling intact, the Fender American Ultra Jazzmaster comes equipped with plenty of modern refinements that make it far more appealing to contemporary players looking for a super-cool instrument with practicality also in mind.

Powering the American Ultra Jazzmaster are two Ultra Noiseless Vintage pickups that capture the iconic Fender “soap-bar” sound while minimising the frustrating hum that usually occurs when using overdriven or distorted sounds. These ergonomic pickups, combined with the flexible S-1 switch, provide you with a palette of experimental yet usable tones to suit almost any musical situation.

Regarding the American Ultra Jazzmaster’s construction, the instrument is formed from an Alder/Ash body (dependent on finish) with a Maple neck that is joined via Fender’s new tapered bolt-on neck heel. This enables excellent access to the guitar’s higher frets, while the Modern “D” neck shape and rolled fingerboard edges offer smooth and playable feel.

If you’re familiar with Fender Jazzmasters, you may already know that they’re fairly susceptible to tuning issues. That’s why Fender has addressed this problem by fitting the American Ultra with high-quality Deluxe Locking tuners, to keep things stable when using the instrument’s tremolo.

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Fender certainly didn’t leave bassists out in the cold when launching its American Ultra series. Arguably the company’s most advanced version of this classic model, the American Ultra Precision Bass has undergone a number of tweaks that make it a far more complete and playable instrument – especially for 21st Century bassists.

The historic Fender construction remains, with Alder and Ash bodies available for the American Ultra P-Bass depending on its finish. The same applies for its fingerboard material, with either bright-sounding Maple or warm Rosewood on offer. Speaking of which, the American Ultra Precision Bass’ fingerboard is adorned with large Medium Jumbo frets and is carved to a modern 10” to 14” compound radius for a comfortable and controllable feel at all positions on the neck.

One of the Fender American Ultra P-Bass’ most notable features is its P/J pickup configuration. Allowing you to attain rounded punchy tones with the neck split-coil or raspy Jazz Bass-style sounds via its bridge pickup, this set of new Ultra Noiseless pickups also eliminates hum or buzz when playing at loud volumes or with overdrive.

If that doesn’t sound like quite enough, the American Ultra P-Bass’ comprehensive electronics give you far more flexibility. With treble, mid-range and bass boost/cut pots at your disposal, the Active/Passive mini toggle also lets you go from vintage to modern sounds at the flick of a switch!

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Just like its Precision Bass sibling, the Fender American Ultra Jazz Bass has undergone similar refinements that just make it plain superior to models in previous Fender lines. With 5-string versions available too, even extended range players can enjoy the extra finesse that these versatile instruments exhibit with their impressive feature-sets.

Nothing is surprising when it comes to the American Ultra Jazz Bass’ materials, with either an Alder or Ash body (dependent on finish) connected to a smooth, satin-finished Maple neck. The classic bolt-on joint ensures that the immediate and snappy note character is present, but has been tapered to give you more freedom at the higher register. Shaped to a Modern “D” carve, the American Ultra Jazz Bass’ neck offers excellent support, while its compound radius fingerboard reduces buzz and guarantees superb playability at all areas of the neck.

In the spirit of the rest of the American Ultra series, the Jazz Bass also comes equipped with a set of Ultra Noiseless pickups. Providing you with the punchy mid-range tones that experienced Jazz Bass players adore, these pickups are designed to reduce noise to make your rig as functional and unproblematic as possible. Another noteworthy feature is the American Ultra’s HiMass bridge, which enhances sustain and boosts lower frequencies to project a truly huge bass sound!

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