Epiphone Hollowbody/Semi-Hollow Guitars & Basses

From jazz-boxes to ‘50s-style Bigsby machines, Epiphone know a thing or two about hollow guitars. Check out our full selection here!

Epiphone Hollowbody/Semi-Hollow Guitars & Basses

Dating back to the '30s, Gibson’s legendary semi-hollow & hollow body instrument designs remain hugely popular to this day. The ‘ES’ moniker stands for Electric Spanish, signifying Gibson’s move from archtop acoustics to electric guitars. Prior to becoming part of Gibson, Epiphone also produced their own semi-hollow & hollow body instruments – it’s only natural, therefore, that they remain a leading brand in the category!

Among the most popular Epiphone hollow models are the usual suspects; dozens of varieties of ES-335s, ES-339s and Casinos. You’ve also got more niche models, designed for everything from traditional jazz to rockabilly. The Emperor, Sheraton and Wildkat are just a few examples of Epiphone’s alternative hollow models.

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