EastCoast Electric Guitars

Looking for your first electric guitar? EastCoast offer unrivalled features at a ridiculously affordable price, making their beginner musical instruments some of the finest available today!

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1 - 24 of 96

EastCoast Electric Guitars

For just a bit more than those gimmicky catalogue guitars, you can start your guitar journey right with something well-made, comfortable and inspiring to play! The EastCoast Electric range offers unrivalled value for money, with attention to detail and quality components. There are 5 Styles in the EastCoast Electric range to choose from.

ST Series

If you're fairly familiar with guitar shapes, you'll know exactly what instrument the ST is based off! Featuring a classic body design, the ST1 features a trio of single-coil pickups that can provide a diverse amount of tones. These pickups have a vibrant sound, making them perfect for playing crisp clean chords or searing leads. While the ST2 features a powerful Humbucker in the bridge position for rock and high gain tones. Also coming with a tremolo, this bridge lets you add dramatic vibrato to notes or chords.

T Series

The T Series is inspired by the legendary T-style guitar design from the early 1950s. Most synonymous with genres like rock and country, this type of guitar delivers a bright and spanky sound thanks to its two single-coil pickups. With solid and semi-hollow models available, you'll find a range of iconic tones here, serving up plenty of inspiration as you set out on your musical journey.

HM1 Series

The HM1 comes loaded with a bunch of player-friendly appointments that'll keep you feeling inspired to practice for longer - and it just looks super-cool! This guitar is made for metal and rock music, with its two high-output 'humbucking' pickups which deliver a thick, punchy sound.

L1 Series

The L1 has the look and tone of a classic single-cut. The combination of humbucking pickups and classic tonewoods provide it with the iconic warm, midrange character, with a clear sound that cuts through. 

True to the original LP designs, the set neck construction provides more sustain than a bolt on neck, allowing the notes to ring out longer. For Blues, Rock and many other styles, the L1 has all the mojo and tone you could want in a very affordable package!

G35 Series

G35 is a fantastic semi-hollow guitar which sits somewhere between a solid body electric and an acoustic guitar. The semi-hollow construction produces a very smooth and resonant sound making it perfect for Blues and Jazz. The onboard humbucker pickups produce a rich, rounded tone.