Disaster Area

Disaster Area produces a range of intuitive MIDI controllers and switchers, made specifically for operating guitar pedals. If you're keen to make your pedalboard easier to manage, these devices help you to take full control of your stompboxes.

Disaster Area

Disaster Area was founded in 2010 by North Carolina-based engineer Matthew Farrow. Initially designing a MIDI controller for his Line 6 M9 pedal, Farrow quickly formed a following when he circulated do-it-yourself circuit board kits around the world for players looking to do the same.

In 2011, Disaster Area released three MIDI controller models made for operating Line 6's M Series pedals, and later created devices that expanded the MIDI capabilities of Strymon pedals. Today, their MIDI controller products are compatible with stompboxes from dozens of brands, and are used by thousands of players that seek to make their pedalboards more efficient and ergonomic.

Disaster Area also manufactures compact pedal switching systems, such as the DPC-5. Letting you engage/disengage a number of your pedals with just a single click, these useful gizmos let you take tap-dancing out of the equation when playing live! Also featuring MIDI ports for simultaneous patch-switching on compatible stompboxes, these units are perfect for simplifying complex pedalboards.