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Diezel Amplification

Diezel are a German-based manufacturer of high-end tube amplifiers and pedals. Renowned for their ballsy, mid-focused high-gain tones, Diezel amps are most synonymous with metal players.

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Diezel Amplification

Founded in 1994 by Peter Diezel and Peter Stapfer, the company has garnered most of its notoriety from the success with its legendary VH4 amplifier. A 4-channel beast that can churn out anything from vibrant cleans through to mid-gain crunch and face-melting distortion, this hugely versatile 100W amp head is still in production over two decades later.

Used by a variety of guitarists from the 90s to present, including Adam Jones (Tool) and James Hetfield (Metallica), the amp also found popularity with alternative artists such as Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins) and even Rivers Cuomo (Weezer). Many modern players also enjoy its timeless tones, but Diezel have produced other pro-grade amps.

The Herbert is perhaps their second most renowned model, another long-standing feature of the Diezel catalogue. Boasting 3 channels, the Herbert has an almighty 180W of power, giving it an incredible amount of headroom and even more punch.

The Diezel Range

At Andertons Music Co. we stock only Diezel pedals at this current time. But, they are still worthy of recognition, providing the tones of the aforementioned amps but in a compact stompbox format.

VH4 Overdrive/Preamp Pedal

Based on the iconic VH4, this powerful pedal offers up the signature sound of its real-amp counterpart, but in a pedalboard-friendly enclosure. With a highly tweakable 3-band EQ section, the VH4 overdrive/preamp also features presence and deep (resonance) controls, with the latter bringing in that punch-in-the-gut low-end.

If the regular VH4 pedal isn’t versatile enough however, the VH4-2 pedal serves up even more on the feature front. With essentially 2 channels, this pedal was designed to give you the unparalleled Diezel VH4 rhythm tone, but has separate gain and volume controls to let you set up a second channel for leads.