Danish Pete Honoré's Rig

Danish Pete Honoré's Rig

As a touring musician, Pete knows that what matters in his gear is reliability, portability and versatility. So, you can be sure that Pete's gear is carefully selected and that he'll only use the best of the best!

Of course, no rig rundown with Danish Pete would be complete without talking about his legendary Purple Fender Telecaster or the mighty "The Dane" pedal from ThorpyFX!

Pete's playing style is full of expression, from silky smooth and melodic licks through to snarling rhythms. That's why his signature ThorpyFX stompbox was built with versatility in mind; primarily a dynamic overdrive that features a separate "boost!" circuit too.

Pete's new signature 51T pickups from Monty's Guitars are also a key ingredient to his tone, and are heavily based on the spanky single-coils installed in his Custom Shop Tele.

Danish Pete's regular amp-of-choice on Andertons TV is a Victory V40, which is why the British company has made him a purple signature version of their best-seller - the DP40 Head! It retains many of the V40's features and specs, but is emblazoned with Pete's signature purple colour scheme and features a tweaked reverb circuit that suits Pete's specific ambient tastes.

More often than not, Pete plays his stunning Fender Custom Shop Telecaster in demos; unique for its vibrant purple finish. As a gift from his wife, Pete uses his Telecaster not just because of its sentimental value, but more so for the unbelievable tones it offers. An affordable Squier FSR version is available too, emblazoned with Pete's signature purple colour scheme!

Q & A with Danish Pete

What was your first guitar?

"The first guitar I ever owned was Hohner St Special. It's an S type body with 3 single coil pickups in black! Then I had a Gibson 1976 Les Paul in Tobacco burst, then a Pink Kramer, then a Green LAG, then it all escalated.. More Gibsons, 58 Gretsch, Gibson 335, Warmoth custom build, Fender Elite Robben Ford, then Strats Strats Strats and loads more..."

Any words of advice for aspiring touring musicians?

"You can’t be too precious about the gear you bring on tour because it will get some abuse on big tours… heat, cold, humidity, travel, on and off stage every night on a stage full of 1000 things being built or taken down and then the playing. So, I think the most important thing as a touring musician is to look after your gear OR have a great tech that can look after it for you!"

Check out our YouTube channel to see more of Pete’s gear in action.