Plugins & VST Effects

Plugins & VST Effects

Browse our collection of VST plugins, mixing tools and high quality virtual effects from industry brands like Waves, Izotope and Universal Audio.


If you’re looking for that special element that will give your mixes a distinctive tone, or you need to take a fresh look at your workflow with a new mixing tool, VST plugins and effects are a great cost effective way of bringing something new to your studio.

Whether it’s a reel to reel tape effect for authentic vintage tone, or an authentic recreation of the classic SSL Channel strip so that you feel your mixing with a legendary console, our vast selection of AU and VST plugins for Mac and PC will give you plenty of options to choose from.

Plugin Bundles

There are also a wide variety of plugin bundles, that give you a wide range of instruments and effects for amazing prices compared to the individual prices. Our Waves Gold and Waves Diamond Bundles are hugely popular options for mixing engineers, and singer-songwriters and composers love the Native Instruments “Komplete” Collections.

Mixing Tools for Beginners

If you’re a musician who’s new to mixing, we would recommend you look at the Toontrack EZ Mix series which has a wide range of presets for different genres so that you can get a professional mix in no time, but provides the tweakability you need to keep creative control of your mix.

The Waves Signature series plugins are also great for quick mixing in a matter of minutes. Use the same studio tools as your favourite famous producers, and swap confusing “threshold” and “ratio” controls for simple and direct “attitude”, “warmth” and “girth” controls.