Rotary Simulator Pedals

Rotary Simulator Pedals

The leslie cabinet was invented all the way back in the 40s. Made to be used in conjunction with organs, leslie units soon became popular with guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and George Harrison in the 60s.

By using the ‘doppler effect’, a leslie speaker rotates to give the impression that your instrument’s volume and pitch is changing repetitively. If you’re unfamiliar with this sound, it can be best described as a mixture of tremolo and vibrato, modulating the guitar signal.

As real leslie cabinets are so cumbersome and expensive, some stompbox manufacturers try to emulate that iconic sound with their very own guitar rotary pedals, to satisfy the demands of modern players. With the majority of these available in conventional compact enclosures, such as the TC Electronic Vibraclone and Danelectro Big Spender, there are slightly more tweakable rotary speaker pedals out there too. 

The Electro Harmonix Lester Deluxe is just one example, featuring a raft of controls and parameters for optimal flexibility. The Strymon Lex is another key leslie pedal contender, with its powerful digital engine ensuring incredible fidelity and sound quality. 

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