Echoplex Style Pedals

Echoplex Style Pedals

Original Echoplex units are among some of the most sought after pieces of guitar gear around. Renowned for their magical tones, Echoplexes produce warm, modulated delay repeats that gradually deteriorate over time.

While the delay sound itself is something to behold, many players equally adored models such as the legendary EP-3 for the sound of its preamp. Adding something extra, famous names such as Eddie Van Halen would sometimes rely solely on the preamp section to add more girth and sparkle to his guitar sound.

Unfortunately, original Echoplex units are not only expensive, but they're also heavy, cumbersome and difficult to maintain. But luckily for you, a number of brands manufacture delay pedals that can closely imitate the iconic Echoplex sound. While some are made in standard stompbox enclosures, you can also get mini pedals that are super-easy to mount to your pedalboard!

Catalinbread's Belle Epoch Deluxe is perhaps the most highly-regarded Echoplex-style pedal out there. With a control-set that is very authentic to the dials found on original units, the thoughtful circuitry within the Belle Epoch Deluxe somehow replicates the distinctive repeats of the EP-3, and produces the unusual effects that could be attained when making drastic setting changes. All of that, without any real tape!

Another acclaimed contender is Strymon's El Capistan. Relying on digital circuitry through-and-through, this popular pedal is adored for its tonal authenticity and overall versatility. Jim Dunlop's Echoplex compact pedals are also worth a shout, not only smaller than the aforementioned pedals but also more affordable. But if you really don't want to break the bank, the Tone City Tape Machine really hold its own. Plus, it's in a mini pedal format!