Xotic Effects

Xotic Effects

Xotic Effects are based in the San Fernando Valley area of LA County, California. Originally a one-man project that specialised in bass guitar preamp effects, they’ve grown from humble garage beginnings to be one of the most widely respected pedal companies in the world!

All of their pedals are handmade to strict design criteria, using only the finest components, with extreme functionality and durability in mind. Between the years of 2002-2005, Xotic released the AC Booster, RC Booster and BB preamp pedals; these boost & overdrive offerings made waves in the guitar world!

The winning formula of these three pedals (affectionately known as The Tremendous Trio) is attributed to their true bypass circuitry, their extremely responsive performance with up to 20dB of clean boost, and their unparalleled tonal warmth. Xotic expanded their manufacture in the wake of this success, with their pedals now being used by the likes of Steve Lukather, Greg Howe, Andy Timmons and many, many more!

Nowadays, they continue to produce many of the pedals that made them famous, with several additions that cater for the modern guitarist. These include the Soul Driven Overdrive pedal, a full-fat overdrive pedal with low-medium gain, and the microscopic EP Booster, a 20dB clean boost with an EQ curve control that remains their best-selling pedal to date!

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