Victory The Duchess Amps

Victory The Duchess Amps

English guitar amp builders Victory pride themselves on their unique tones. The Duchess combines American and British clean styles to create a character sweetly singing character you haven’t heard before. It delivers a large bass response, glassy top end and an all-natural tube grunt when pushed to the limits.

All Duchess amps have just one channel with two voicings to suit your particular guitar’s pickups. The first is an American style tone with slightly scooped mids and bolder high and lows. The second has a stronger mi-range kick for your single coil pickups.

The Duchess is also the perfect pedal platform thanks to its incredibly high headroom, allowing your pedal tones to express themselves without becoming muddy or distorted. But you won’t be needing much in the way of reverb or tremolo, thanks to the beautifully valve-driven built-in effects.

You’ll find the Duchess comes in many forms. Old school players will be happy with the standard V40 Duchess with your choice of either EL34 or 6L6 power tubes. Then there’s the V40D, which expands on the reverb and tremolo controls. Finally, the V140 cranks the volume with 100 watts of power.

Gigging and recording guitarists will love the combo Duchess, which uses a Wideboy cabinet and Celestion G12H-75 speaker. The Duchess pedal contains all the same excellent tone and capabilities for players on the go looking to plug straight into FoH.