Universal Audio Apollo Interfaces

Universal Audio Apollo Interfaces

Arguably the best audio interfaces in the world. The Universal Audio Apollo range offers everything a pro sound engineer needs and plenty more.


The Universal Audio Apollo is the pinnacle of high-end audio interfaces. These suitably come in rack or desktop configurations depending on the size of your setup.

Apollo X

At the top of the tree is the X6, X8 and X16 series. They’re packing serious firepower, with over 60 years of audio design behind them. It boasts completely new and future-proof A/D and D/A conversion and HEXA Core processing. The Apollo challenges to be the very best at any price for professional recording.

The Apollo x16 uses 24-bit/192 kHz A/D/A converters with newly designed analog circuitry to deliver optimum audio quality between 129 dB dynamic range and -118 dB. This has some of the lowest signal-to-noise ratio of any interface ever created.

You’ll have as close to zero latency possible in your signal path using Thunderbolt connectivity and real time processing. Guaranteed to cut out tracking lag and attain 50% more DSP performance when running multiple UAD plug-ins.

Apollo Twin

In desktop form the Apollo Twin is also leading the charge for Universal audio. Apollo Twin MkII improves upon the original Apollo Twin’s gold-standard audio, giving you increased dynamic range and ultra-low THD.

This next-generation conversion results in breathtaking clarity, depth, and accuracy in recordings; heard on hit records by Kendrick Lamar, Coldplay, Brad Paisley, and more.

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