Tama Star Series Drums

Tama Star Series Drums

Legendary drum brand Tama are in pursuit of perfection. The Star drum kit comes pretty close, housing Tama’s excellent tonewood options and premium hardware options.

These kits are available in a range of Bubinga Maple and Walnut wood builds. Whatever style of music you play, you’ll find a shell pack suited to you right here.

Bubinga kits provide clear projection and resonance, which highlight the distinct rich tones you can’t obtain from any other kit. Equipped with Tama Sound Focus Rings from reliable structural support.

Maple drums produce warm open tone with a rich, hearty sound of solid ply shell. An excellent option either live or in the studio.

Walnut has a booming low end whilst retaining plenty of attack to cut through a mix. It’s been favoured by drummers for years thanks to its naturally EQ’d tone.

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