Strymon Reverb Pedals

Strymon Reverb Pedals

Strymon are at the top of their game in the reverb pedal world. The likes of the Big Sky and Blue Sky dominate pro musician pedalboards, and the Flint offers a classic combination of tremolo and reverb in one tanky box.

The Big Sky is arguably the pinnacle of reverb creation. There's a ridiculous amount of parameters, settings and controls to explore. Everything from retro plate and spring to futuristic modulated and reverse reverb settings are on offer. Save all your presets and control everything through MIDI integration.

Its smaller brother the Blue Sky is like a stripped back version, housing three main types of reverb - normal, modulated and shimmer. From there, you select plate, spring or room/hall reverbs. Both are built with the highest quality switches, electronics and caps. 

History of Strymon

Strymon Pedals started out as Damage Control in 2004 with a line of tube-driven pedals. In 2009 production moved under the Strymon name where they developed their digital pedals and the rest is history. These pedals quickly gained a name for themselves and they’ve since won loads of awards and are coveted by guitar players all around the world.

Expect these pedals to be in the history books along with the Roland Space Echo, The Strat and the Les Paul.