Strymon Delay Pedals

Strymon Delay Pedals

Strymon have invested hours, days, months and years into delay pedals. they offer one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market. It's even more impressive considering each pedal is capable of some extremely versatile delay sounds in analogue and digital styles, as well as being combined with other effect types.

The Volante is the pinnacle of tape delay in a digital format. This beast of a stompbox tackles echo, tape, drum and reel-to-reel emulations with ease over a wide scope of parameters. One of the most striking and unusual features of the Volante is the Playback/Feedback selection. There are four heads that determine the entry point of the delay. You can select any combination to dramatically change the rhythmic pattern.

Meanwhile, the Timeline is arguably the most versatile delay on the planet with futuristic setting and classic sounds galore. From there, you can find bucket brigade delay in the Brigadier, vintage tone and saturation in the Dig and Deco respectively. The El Capistan is the smaller, more streamlined version of the Volante.

History of Strymon

Strymon Pedals started out as Damage Control in 2004 with a line of tube-driven pedals. In 2009 production moved under the Strymon name where they developed their digital pedals and the rest is history. These pedals quickly gained a name for themselves and they’ve since won loads of awards and are coveted by guitar players all around the world.

Expect these pedals to be in the history books along with the Roland Space Echo, The Strat and the Les Paul.