Spaceman Effects

Spaceman Effects

Spaceman Effects are sonically out of this world. These boutique stompboxes are designed to add sounds to your setup where no other pedal has gone before.

Enough of the space puns – you’ll certainly hear a step up in quality with a Spaceman pedal in your arsenal. Each pedal is crafted by hand. No corners cut, all premium electronics and supreme craftsmanship. Spaceman Effects engineers believe the best way to get great tone is through meticulous detail, as opposed to mass-produced units.

They hold an incredibly high standard for sonic quality. You’ll find completely fresh control options from the Mission Control – a pedal that can only be described as all-encompassing.

At its core, the Mission Control functions as an analogue VCA autofader and expression pedal. This means it can control the volume and blend of your signal or individual stompboxes to your exact specifications.

It also serves as a powerful signal router, dynamic effects loop, wet/dry blender, Y-splitter and two-channel mixer. All of which work great with either guitars or synths.

Meanwhile, the Titan fuzz and Atlas boost have more immediate tonal transformations on your sound.

Whatever Spaceman Effects pedal you choose, you’re guaranteed to get exceptional sound and build quality.

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