Shure Motiv iOS & USB Microphones

Shure Motiv iOS & USB Microphones

USB and Lightning microphones for all creatives on the go.


Shure Motiv is a line of USB microphones, conceived for everyday life situations and recordings on the go. Featuring portable condenser mics and also a digital audio interface, the Motiv series is a must-have for artists, videographers, podcasters and everyone who needs to capture high-quality audio on the go.

In these times, the MV5C home office microphone is essential for your online work meetings, conferences and also if you’re teaching. Unbox it, plug it into your computer and enjoy studio sound quality for your voice - your co-workers will want one too!

If you’re always on the go and want to jot down ideas wherever you are, combine your Motiv microphone with the MVI digital audio interface and start recording. USB and lightning connectivity will allow you to plug it into your PC/Mac and get going in no time. The single multi-input lets you plug in your mic or your instrument with a ¼ inch jack. 

Shure went one step further with an exclusive combo for video makers: the MV88 condenser microphone + a video kit to achieve professional quality anywhere.

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