Shure Beta Microphones

Shure Beta Microphones

Your favourite Shure microphones, improved.


Shure’s Beta line is an improved issue of their famed SM microphones. Taking its name from the second letter of the Greek alphabet, the Beta Series consists of dynamic and condenser microphones with maximum isolation and minimum off-axis coloration, not to mention the supercardioid polar pattern for extremely accurate recordings.


The SM58 A Beta is the upgraded version of the legendary SM58, with a better high-end response and feedback rejection it’s no wonder many have switched to this version!


Another favourite is the Beta SM87 A, a great condenser mic for broadcasting, studio and live recording application. Super performance with gradual presence rise and rugged build are just some of the many features of this versatile mic.


We also crafted bundles to equip you with your microphone and all the accessories you need to start working in no time!