Pacific Drums & Percussion is a progressive drum brand that combines high build-quality with boutique features, resulting in world-class drum gear.


Founded in 1999, the brand knows its demographic: the performing musician. If you’re looking for drum hardware that’ll truly go the distance, respond in-kind to your playing, and even look the part, then look no further than PDP!

PDP’s gear has been embraced by a wide range of players, from students and educators, to notable universities, music institutions, professional players and working drummers everywhere. The concept was to offer stylish, great-sounding instruments to the masses, and their range reflects this!

PDP’s product range consists of full kits, shell packs, hardware and pedals of all shapes and sizes. Their affiliation with numerous artists worldwide (including Chad Smith and Eric Hernandez among others) has allowed them to develop a keen awareness of what drummers need.

Our selection of PDP gear consists of drum hardware; check it out below, or if you have any queries about ordering other PDP products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!